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“Technology has driven the modernization of man.
Finance has been its underpinning”


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At Tope Adebayo LLP, we have overtime acquired experience in sophisticated and multi-national financial transactions and have as part of our resume a track record of our involvement in large and complex transactions in the dynamic sectors of the Nigerian economy and the Nigerian Capital Market.

We have been involved in packaging finance documents and proposals for our clients whose operations span different sectors of the economy. In doing this, we have traversed several jurisdictions, with the sole aim of achieving results for our clients.

Our in-depth knowledge of the banking sector has enabled us undertake innovative approach to ensure our clients get the best from all their financial transactions and earn returns on investments.

In the course of our practice, we have saved clients billion of naira by offering pre-investment advice, thereby earning the trust and confidence of our clients. Through this, our clients have come to understand and appreciate the essence of seeking our advice before making financial investments.

Our experience covers areas such as:

  • Pre-investment advising
  • Capital importation and repatriation of funds
  • Foreign currency sale and purchase agreements
  • Loan syndication, liquidation and restructuring
  • Debt recovery and negotiation
  • Securitization

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