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Although a number of organizations have law firms on their retainer, the practice of preventive legal auditing is not yet commonplace, nor the competence widespread. Meanwhile, for many entrepreneurial companies, a lawsuit or other legal problem can have catastrophic effects on the continuing viability of the company, not to talk of potentially irreparable brand damage. Forward-thinking organizations therefore conduct legal audits to minimize the possibility of legal issues disrupting their companies’ progress. A legal audit lays the groundwork for the establishment of an ongoing legal compliance and prevention program in order to ensure that your company’s strategic intents, relational structure and ongoing operations are consistent with the latest developments in business and corporate law. In fact, well-run, successful companies use audits to improve performance and assure compliance with the many local, state, federal and international laws and regulations. By uncovering problems early, your company can save legal and other expenses – and you, your board, and your shareholders will rest easier. The aim of an audit is to prevent huge legal exposure by proactively identifying and eliminating the hidden gaps; we believe you need it, and we will carry it out professionally in the most cost-efficient, thorough, and solutions-focused manner.

The Process 

We begin by properly defining the problem and creating an audit plan in collaboration with you, your management, in-house counsel and other relevant advisers. We proceed to conduct our investigation in a method best suited for your company. This can include questionnaires, document review, and interviews. Our analysis will review your practices and compliance from top to bottom. We will then uncover the problems and report them to you in an actionable way. A successful audit will generate solutions that will help position your business for low/no-risk growth and unthreatened sustainability, in addition to searching for non-compliance. The audit will generate best recommendations which will allow you to optimize opportunity and prevent liability..

The Benefits

We will help your company focus on its bottom line and important goals. Not only can future legal problems and costs be eliminated, but audits can also reveal unknown business opportunities such as capital allocation, areas for expansion, and even tax-friendly business structures. The goal of an audit is to help your company remain compliant with existing laws and we can help you achieve that.

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