Specialized Transactions

“Getting the deal through is perhaps the most complex and
intricate aspect of a lawyer’s job. We have mastered this art”


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Tope Adebayo LLP has maintained an active specialized transaction practice. We provide top legal services to leading companies and financial institutions and have handled full broad range of specialized transactions that span across several sectors including Natural Energy Resources, Construction, Telecoms, Infrastructure and Aviation.

Our services in this regard include.

  • Packaging documentation for contracts bid.
  • Preparation and reviewing of complex contractual documents.
  • Coordination and advise on transactional investment.
  • Project and infrastructure investment.
  • Registration of acquired title.
  • Real estate development.
  • Asset management.
  • Development of business strategies
  • Sale and purchase of oil and gas infrastructure

We are a business-focused law firm and employ our wide knowledge of the law in advising our client on complex business transactions. Our lawyers have garnered considerable experience in transactions of these nature.

We have stood out in specialized transaction practice because of our ability to set and work within time frames. This is because we have imbibed and developed a business-conscious approach to legal practice and do understand that in every business transaction, time is of the essence.

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